Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year... A Few Days Late.

Well its the start of the new year and my resolution is... to not have one this year. I will however start working out a bit more in hopes that when Ayrton gets back in April and we move to Florida I will have a great beach body!! Oh how I miss summer on the beach. only 3 months til I get to feel the suns warmth again!!!

29 days Until Ayrton leaves for boot camp. I'm going to miss him so much. I will officially have no one!!! Hopefully Emz comes down or I can go see her. But other than that I will have work and world of warcraft hahaha.

I am soooo ready to get on with my life but I'm gonna miss my friends here and I sure as hell miss my friends from Cali.

Time to go back to a job where I stare mindlessly at a computer screen for 8 hours.

Only 7 more hours til I can go home. Not that anyone is counting tho.


Katy said...

You miss everyone but me.


You gotta start running so you can do the bridge run with us.

Katy said...

I tagged you here:

Update your stuff.

Katy said...


prashant said...

You gotta start running .
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